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Short video clip of 2019 Solar & Haybox Cooking promotion in Killinochchi


DIY off-grid Slow Cooker




Solar cookers use the power of the sun to cook food directly. A typical design is shown below. The heat from the sun is trapped in an insulated box behind a sheet of glass. Additional reflectors can be used to collect heat from a larger area. The food is cooked in a black pot which converts the radiated energy from the sun into heat. A black metal sheet at the base of the cooker is used to retain the heat.



There are many benefits to cooking by using the power of the sun.


Conventional cooking requires the use of fossil fuels such as wood, charcoal or kerosene. As well as costing money this depletes the Earth’s natural resources and adds to pollution and greenhouse gases.  Solar cooking is free and does not produce any pollution.


With Solar cooking one does not to have to stand over the saucepan constantly stirring and making sure that the food does not burn. Once the food is prepared and is cooking, you can just leave it until it is cooked giving one more free time.


Less water is used with solar cooking and more nutrients are retained as everything is cooked in a closed container at a lower temperature.


Cooking over a fire can lead to health problems due to inhalation of smoke. There is no risk of this with solar cooking.




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