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Short video clip of 2019 Solar & Haybox Cooking promotion in Killinochchi


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A rocket stove is a clean and efficient cooking stove using wood fuel which is burnt in a high-temperature combustion chamber containing an insulated vertical chimney. This ensures complete combustion before the flames reaches the cooking surface.


JAZ Cook Stove


EMACE Cook Stove


K Stove


Mini Stove



Benefits of using a Rocket Stove


Reduction in smoke


The rocket elbow produces significantly less smoke than a conventional “three-stone” fire.



Each year the effects of indoor smoke from wood and other basic fuels kill as many people as HIV/AIDS, significantly more people than tuberculosis, and over two times more people than malaria.


Reduction in use of firewood


A well constructed rocket stove used by an experienced  cook can reduce the use of firewood by more than 60%. This results in savings of money and time and in reduced pollution.