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Short video clip of 2019 Solar & Haybox Cooking promotion in Killinochchi


DIY off-grid Slow Cooker




Cooking with a haybox needs more planning than conventional cooking. They also cannot be used for high temperature cooking such as baking or frying. However, when one has got used to this there are many advantages to using one.


Fuel saving: Using a haybox can easily save up to 50% of the energy required to cook food. This is because instead of the heat from a saucepan being lost it is trapped by the insulation and used to heat and cook the food. The energy saving is the same whether it is gas, electricity, wood or charcoal.


Tasty, nutritious food: The slow cooking in a Haybox retains much of the flavours and nutrients in food.


No risk of burning food: When cooking on a fire, sometimes food needs to be left to simmer on a low heat. This has to be frequently checked and the food stirred to prevent burning at the bottom. With a haybox, the heat is directed to the pot from all sided and there is absolutely no risk of burning. The food can be left unattended till it is needed.


Reduce water usage: When food is simmered on a fire, much water is lost. However, when cooking with a haybox the water in the pot is retained and less water can be used. For example one uses two cups of water to a cup of rice when cooking on a fire. With a haybox this can be reduced to one a half cups of water to a cup of rice.


Only one fire needed: When cooking a variety of food (e.g. potatoes, vegetables and meat) on a stove top, at least three fires are needed. With a haybox this can be done with a single fire. Each item can be brought to the boil and then placed in the haybox, freeing up the flame for the next dish.


Convenience: With food left cooking in a haybox, there is no need to reheat food – it is ready steaming hot when you need it. It works like a slow cooker without an external heat input.


Reduces smoke inhalation: In many developing countries, open fires are used for cooking food. The smoke from these fires has been shown to result in many breathing related diseases. Using a haybox means less time spent leaning over a smoking fire and reduces this risk.